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New to scooters. Rode dualsports for many years, Honda XLs, GPz550, Transalp, GPz550, an '88 Concours sold with 216,000+ miles (still ran great!), Chinese 200cc supermoto, Chinese v-twin 250cc. Total about 37 years of never being without a motorcycle.

My motorcycling rebirth of enthusiasm came from the Chinese supermoto. So light and just flat out fun after coming off of the Concours. It's like being 13 years old again.

So this is the first scooter I've ever owned. I got it because of it's sheer versatility and weather protection in the wet Seattle fall/winter/spring. And I got a great deal.

I do all my own wrenching but I'm still a little surprised at how much maintenance the 400 appears to need. Maybe it's not all that bad, but the rear tire seems to wear fast and the $100 belt replacement every 15k. I'll try it for a while and see how it goes hoping the benefits outweigh the negatives (each bike has both).

As you may have guessed, I'm a cheapskates cheapskate. I'll be looking for ways to improve MPG, and total cost of ownership.

I ride because of the connectedness to the world around me, the simplicity of the mechanical transport device, the fuel efficiency and because it's just more fun than a cage.
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