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A week ago Saturday I changed engine oil & filter & trans oil. Replaced my front tire with a Gold Standard one. Bike didn't start & had to order a new battery.
So Saturday battery arrives I get the bike started (another post) & ride for the first time on the Gold Standard.
My 650 felt so different. Took more effort to turn as it always want't to go straight. Seemed to have to steer it more than with the OEM tire. Rode it to work this morning & I was about ready to order a OEM front tire. :mad: I searched 650 sight for Gold Standard tire & after reading a reply by Dave_J and running 36 psi & went out & checked mine. Well mine had 18 psi :eek:
Guy who mounted my tire I have used for years never checked his work as never needed to. I did give him a new 90 degree valve steam to install. So I'm going to check to see if it might have a very slow leak.

Thing I did learn is what a low front tire on a Burgman feels like. Never have ridden with a low tire so now I know what one feels like. Sure glad I didn't go & order a new tire. :thumbup:
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