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I feel the Burgman could benefit immensely with a neutral switch:

- longer stops instead of having the engine do much of the braking.
- easier for former motorcyclists to get used to (especially at stoplights).
- safer if bike started while on center stand, then taken off stand.
- can use an air pump on rear tire while plugged into 12v and engine running.
- keep children from turning throttle while you sit w/ bike idling and talking to them (its happened several times already).
- if I want to plug something into the 12vdc outlet and have the engine running to power it (bike on center stand), why should the rear wheel have to continuously be spinning and registering miles?

- Chuck

Actually, I like the engine braking and am glad the Burgman 650 does it. However, I'd love the option for a true neutral setting just so it would be easier to push the beast around the garage.
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