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I am from South Central Ohio and a new owner of a 2003 Burgman 400. It was given to my son by a family member. Never owned a Scooter. It only has 115 miles on it. It was purchased off the lot in 2006, only used a few times and has been in storage ever since. So far, Replaced Battery, F1 in odometer LCD, turns over but wont start. Fixer guy says it needs new fuel pump $486. Need to find cheaper...any help??

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Get rid of the old gas...refill with fresh gas, & ad some
Sea Foam & some fuel-injector cleaner. Make sure that
some critter hasn't made a home in the air cleaner,
blocking the air intake.
When you first turn the key on, do you hear the
fuel pump running/priming?? Quiet surroundings
will help you hear if it is running. You should be
able to hear the pump run, then slow down &
almost stall, when the fuel system is fully primed.
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