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Need mechanics Seattle eastside

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Hi I live in east side of seattle near Bellevue/Redmond.

I have been doing my own maintenance on a 2007 burgman 650 exec, but I would like to pay to have it done. Is there a good mechanics around the area?

There used to be a suzuki dealer called eastside motorsports in bellevue but they seem to turn into a ducati-only dealer.
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Peter it seems like a few local dealers are going HIGH dollar bike only. I live about 25 miles south of you in Auburn and when I can not do something I take it to Hinshaw's Motorcycle down here. I had used RMC in Renton till they closed down everything but the Harley shop. You could try Ride Motorsports in Woodinville, Kent Kawasaki down here in Kent. And I think there may be a shop in Issaquah. Problem of living in Microsoft money area is everything is $XXX,XXX.xx . In a days time, how many $150,000 cars do you see? Hundreds. Its nothing to see 20 $20K - $30K bikes zipping around on a nice day. All the local shops want the service $$$ from that croud, not us $8K scooter riders.

What type of work you need help with? I ride from Auburn to Juanita Tue - Sat and could always drop by and help. Or if a major issue pops up on a Sunday or Monday I could jump on my Burgman and come up. I'm just a PM or Email away.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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