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Need info on start problem

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2006 Burgman 400 has developed a start problem.
Replaced 6-10 amp fuses and 2-15 amp fuses [ouch nothing wrong with them, oh well now I have spares, a tester and a puller], battery fully charged. Kill switch off, kick stand up, key in correct position, lights work, back break lights work too]

Set up, Bike's on center stand: Turned on ignition switch, F1 error [not flashing], kick stand up, lights work, battery fully charged, left rear brake lever engaged--no sound, cranking, or starting.

Same as above but engaged right front brake lever and bike started.
Can hear fuel engaged sound when cranking.

Think solution from somewhere on this forum was left front brake switch? Said parts ran under $200. Need to know so I can order part(s).

Just paid $400+ and change for front bearings, parking cable installation and brake fluid change on both brake lines. Trip down mountain with big jumping and racket when applying front right brake lever. Emergency visit to closest dealer 3 hours out from home location. Trying to keep the new repair down low haven't paid for the last fix yet.
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There is no additional brake light when I pull either brake handle
That's an issue/problem right there, normally either LH or RH brake lever switch supply 12volt + power directly to both the brake lights and the "Safety Relay", wich connects the starter buttom to starter relay, allows bike to crank. You could have 2 bad brake switches :unsure:(bad/dirty internal contacts) or no power at switches from fuse box, you can disconnect wires at brake switches, check for 12v on one of the wires(switch on) , if no power, check dirty/poor wiring connectors, dirty or blown fuse, if you get 12v, install a jumper at either switch and try to crank.

" Make sure you apply brakes and/or do this on centerstand, for safety".

The fact that you hear the fuel pump priming, means both your sidestand and kill switch are operating normally.
General notes/PSA, fuses is the first thing to check, not always the issue, usually the result off shorts, broken wires, dirty connectors, bad grounds and/or fuse contacts, etc. " Never jump start or connect scooter/motorcycle battery to a running car/vehicle, you could cause $$$ damage "

IAC, this diagram may help.


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