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I have a question for all you 650 owners

I know most of us are not happy with the 650 stock front suspension

But the reason I ask is that I here a noise coming from the direction of my 650 in the garage after a ride

I sounds like a burp and lasts all about one seconds and comes and goes over several hours

I have not touched my front suspension and have not notice any seal leaks (fluid)

Honestly I could not tell if it did

I know some of you have done a complete front end rebuild or just changed out the fluid to 10 weight

I know this would be a great winter project but I need to do something now and I am leaning to a complete rebuild

I am considering contacting a non dealer motorcycle shop in the area to do the job or just take all the info I can find on this site for assistance

Please fell free to chin in

Thanks in advance


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Its the "Moaning Lardy" or "Burgy Farts". The gas tank vent is releasing pressure. It sounds like a small sick animal moaning. Normal. Get close and set down for a time next to it and you'll see.

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I agree that it's the gas tank venting making the noise.
The front forks come from the factory with 10w oil. Changing to a different oil will only affect the rebound. Heavier oil (15w) will slow the rebound making it feel like it's stuck to the road better. I just finished changing my forks with the Race Tech cartridge emulators. You can find the how-to in this forum. This makes a big difference in the overall ride. You will need access to air tools and a drill press to do this, though.
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