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My first Burgman

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Just picked up my first Burgman 650 the other day and was told by the former owner to join this site as it contains everything I will ever need to know about my new scooter.

A bit about me, I have ridden every kind of bike over the past four decades and have traversed over 500k miles on two wheels. Short of snow on the ground, nothing stops me from hopping on a bike and going for a ride across country if just to enjoy a great dinner at a local dive from one of the food network shows.

Past years have covered bikes that made 420 rwhp and ran deep 8's in the quarter mile, dirt bikes, dual sports, sport touring machines, supermoto, big cruisers and from all the name companies that come to mind.

Last year I picked up a 50cc Italjet that was not running and with in a short time had it back up and I was putting around town on my first scooter. Shortly after this one was sold I picked up another Italian scoot an Aprilia Atlantic 200cc full size. i really enjoyed this scooter, more power, highway legal and while at a stop light a person asked to talk to me about the scooter. He wound up buying the scooter from me the same day and this left me with out a scooter up until the other day. I have to admit while I love riding big cc twins, inline turbo fours making egregious amounts of rwhp, there is something about a scooter that is compelling.

The Burgman 650 was of a 2006 vintage and had just over seventeen thousand miles. The former owner was very knowledgeable and performed all service on the scoot as suggested by Suzuki and this forums members.

My first question is where can I obtain a PDF service manual and owners manual as I would like to keep up with the service schedule to keep it running in tip top shape.

Thanks in advance
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Thanks, what I am looking for is a service schedule so I know what needs to be done and when

I don't think they (Suzuki) want us to have PDF manuals. They want to milk us for every penny they can get, and electronic documentation is impossible to control.

That said, there is content here which equals or exceeds the service manual. Just search the forum for whatever issue you are having, and chances are good that you will find someone else who did too, and who fixed it.

Good luck and welcome to the forum and to the Burgman.
Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for and i will spend alot of time on Ledudes web pages
location is LA....Lower Alabama
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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