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Well I am most of the way done on this thing, some of my observations are:

It was a lot of work getting the spark plugs out, as there is little room to maneuver. I bent some of the radiator fins on the inside when my wrench must of hot them. I'm sure it will be easier next time.

I would highly recommend that anyone take off both side panels before their initial warrantee expires (unless you have the extended as you will be covered.)

I noticed on the left some oil that was soaked up by the foam padding on the inside cover. I suspect it may have been from when I spilled some but it would be nice to have the shop check it for free.

On the right I had an accumulation of coolant. I noticed that I was very low on coolant. As I searched for the highest place I could see coolant stains, I suspect that it was the upper radiator hose clamp. I was able to tighten it and I hope this to be resolved. I think this had been leaking for a while and wish I could have discovered it sooner.
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