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Must have accessories .... from Quora

Steve: An interesting set of opinions from motorcycle riders.

Bhupathi Naidu wrote:

Finally a question I can answer. If you are using your bike as daily commute to work and occasional road trips every month or so. Following are few must have accessories to buy together with bike.

1. Leg/ Crash Guard

It’s one of the most important safety accessory for a bike. As riding a bike involves more risk than any other most other vehicles. When the unexpected happens it’ll save you from some serious injuries.

2. Helmet

As everyone who buys a bike is aware of importance of helmet, I guess I don’t have to stress on this point. But it’s important what kind of helmet you choose.

3. Bike Cover

When you have to park your bike in the open it will protect your bike from harsh sun light , rains and dust. You don’t have to wash your bike frequently if you cover it properly.

4. Pillion seat holder

When you have pillion rider on your bike the first think they care about is comfortable seat and something they can hold on to ,especially ladies, it’s also useful to hang cover/bags when you go to super market alone to buy some groceries .

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