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MSF course ?!?!

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Ok, I must have been gone from cycling to long.

What is this Motorcycle safety course? Does one HAVE to pass this course before you can ride a 2-wheeled vehicle, ie. a license to ride? Or is this an optional course such like the ATV safety course?

Is there an age limit? I could see a benefit to having young'uns take the course but us older geezers who have ridden widely.......

I checked here in Washington and I would have to pay for the course, wait several months to take it, then pay to get something called an "endorsement".

I'm sorry. When did this happen? When did we need special permission to ride our bikes?

Anyone in WA have any suggestions/advice for me?
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Most states (Washington included) require both written and riding skills tests in order to get the endorsement. You will need to make an appointment in order to take the skills test. See the WA DMV site at :
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