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Burgie gas mileage is very sensitive to outdoor air temp. Winter (in Lower AL at least) is down to 60 mpg.
Riding at 80 degrees I get over 70 mpg. It's all in your right hand, how you accelerate.
I have seen 80 mpg on a straight and level road, about 50 mph. (Using the trip #2 odometer, reset it while cruising) :)

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Re: Vibration

tsc3047 said:
I still always wonder how anyone gets 70mpg+ or better out of these. I have to BABY IT to get to 65mpg. I mean 55mph at the very most and accelerate basically slower than most old lady's got me to 66mpg once. I keep my tires inflated a little over front and rear, and even riding one up only doesn't get me more. I only got 95mpg or so out of my 98' Yamaha 49cc.

Maybe you have a problem caused by the dynojet power commander you fitted or it could be just carrying excess baggage LOL
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