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I just thought I'd throw this in and see how it goes with time.
Thursday I changed out the movable face plate with a slightly modified (ramps) face plate and change the rollers to 20 gr. rollers from DP. The previous rollers (second set) were pretty eaten up. It seems that one of each "pair" was most affected - the other was still in decent "usable" shape. I was going to go with the sliders, but ... I didn't.
I went with 20 gr rollers because somewhere in here it mentioned the modified plate will raise your rpms a bit and I wanted to keep them in about the same place. I was thinking that the 20s would balance out the plate to the previous 18s. I was wrong. I added a couple hundred rpms at an indicated 70 mph. I may go a few tanks to see what happens, but I am expecting lower mpgs. I may (or may not) try 22s or even 24s - I like to use the Burgman to commute and much of that is highway - mpgs are my friend there.
On the performance side, the 20 gr rollers with the modified face plate have actually increase acceleration (in my mind anyway) and smoothed the whole process out a bit. It seems a bit more "zippy".
Just for more information, the belt has @12K on it and the rear bearing (chubaka's bearing) needs to be changed (again)!

I'll keep you (and my self) posted!
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