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Mountain climbing 400

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Hi, Will be getting a 400 as soon as they arrive here in the mid-west and was wondering how they perform in the mountains of the great west. Has anyone driven a 400 from Denver to Vail? That should be a good test! I have a 2001 Helix now and i love it ,but it's no highway bike. Don't want to take a trip to colorado and only do 45 to 50 mph up the mountains. Thanks for any info.
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When I picked my 400 up, I rode on the back of a friend's 400 to get there. We had to climb over a mountain between TN and NC, we both weight about 185, we had a 10+ mph head wind. He had it on 60 mph and still had a little throttle left when reached the top. I do not think you will have any climbing problems.
mountain riding...

Well, Roy, I feel compelled to clarify your post on mountain riding....there
is a bunch of difference in altitude between the mountains you rode in and
the Rockies, (which he is asking about), here in Colorado. I lived in
Georgia for 15 years and moved back here in 1998. When I moved to
Georgia, I drove through the "mountains" you were talking about...when
I got to Georgia, they asked me how I liked driving through the mountains
and I honestly said "...what mountains?...". We came through at night
and I didn't realize that I had gone through any mountains...I remembered
some hills, but not mountains. I am not trying to be a smartass, your
country is beautiful there, just not what I call mountains.
Anyway, I will be driving mine here in the Rockies as soon as the
weather gets a little nicer and will let you know how the altitude affects
my performance.

Happy trails....
Gib McKain
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Gib, you are correct about the attitude. I was trying to point out the ability to climb with a full load and maintaining a good highway speed. I guess the % of the grade is really important factor.
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