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For those of you in Pennsylvania:

The course is free to PA residents. They supply the motorcycles and, if required, helmets. You can get your license by passing the test at the end of the course.

When I signed up for the course, I couldn't get a confirmed spot for months. However, I heard that walk-ins are encouraged -- if there's room in the class, they'll accept you. So I tried going as a walk-in. There were 3 of us who weren't on the roster: one had been wait-listed and two were walk-ins. There was room for all of us. Unfortunately, it tells you something about the rate of no-shows. Of course, if you sign-up for one session, and then attend an earlier session as a walk-in, you should be courteous enough to cancel your original registration.

About 1/4 of the people dropped out during the course. I don't know if that's typical. We apparently took the course during monsoon season and were getting very wet at every session. 1/3 of the remainder failed the test. Again, I don't know if that's typical. Therefore, of those who started the class, about 1/2 passed.

My class was held in the Valley Forge area. About 1/2 the bikes were Honda Nighthawk 250s, about 1/4 were Honda Rebel 250s, and the rest were a random collection of 125s and 250s.
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