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momule said:
It's totally unnecessary to run a set of wires to the battery every time you add another device. Run one set from the battery to under the tupperware beneath the handlebars, add a fused block and a ground bar for future installs and be done with it. There's plenty of room for the wiring, I use velcro to attach the fuse block, and you end up with a neat wiring job that is easy to trouble shoot in the future, and that doesn't end up with hidden wiring laying all over the top of your motor. Also make sure you add a relay for the Motolights due to the voltage draw. Relays are solid state, totally encapsulated and waterproof, and seldom go bad. You can sleep at night knowing that you did the job right instead of half-assed.
Can you tell me what relay you used and refer me to a diagram as to how to wire road lights into a 400? I want to do it right but must have skipped the classes the rest of you took on this sort of thing.
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