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I installed the first official set of brake caliper mounted Motolights for a Burgman 650. Since my bike was the first Burgman to use these lights. Motolights sent me a few brackets and bolts so I could figure out what was the best combination for a proper fit.
Installation was straight forward.
Remove the bottom caliper bolt, install bracket with lamp assembly and new longer bolt. Route wires, align lights and you’re done. Took me approx 4 hours. I’ve posted pictures in the picture gallery.

The kit came with a switch to turn them on and off. I chose to hot wire it directly to the tail lamp so they were always on. The light switch that came with the kit was kinda cheap. I know I can find a more aesthetically pleasing switch at a later time if I want one.


The fit and finish is A+++

The light is exactly like the low voltage track lighting M16 light bulbs you would find in a home. It gives off a nice bluish white light and compliments the headlamps nicely.

What I do not like is the fact the bulb has a non directional reflector. It shines light in a perfect round ellipse. I would have preferred a wider lower shining light. I wanted more side spill and less light shining upwards to annoy oncoming traffic. I aligned them perfectly according to directions but I sometimes get "flashed" by oncoming drivers. Since they mount to the brake caliper I cant bend them towards the side of the road. I can only adjust them up and down.

The quality is superb. I would have liked more light directed to the sides and less projected upwards.

This lamp assembly is also used in their fork mounted series. These may work better as they are higher and can be twisted towards the side of the road for greater side spill. (However there is no place to mount it onto a Burgman fork.)

Motolight is a great company with great customer service. I did call them a few times during the install so I was completely sure of what I was supposed to do. He even gave me his personal cell phone number to call if I still had problems after regular hours.

Bottom line:

These lights look fantastic.
Quality is A+++ Look like they came with the bike.
Best aux light kit I’ve seen yet to fit the Burgman.
You stand out to other drivers.

Round lamp causes light to spill upwards and annoy oncoming traffic. Can't be adjusted from side to side.
Switch assembly was adequate but cheap.

I DO recommend these lights to anyone wanting more light for driving in rural areas or just to be seen by others.

I give it an 8.5!

Lack of side movement and beam pattern prevented it from receiving a 10.


They can be ordered directly from

Here is a clip from their web site:

Our new Caliper Mounting System were designed in response to customer request for a mounting system which would eliminate the strap mount system and tuck the lights closer to the fork, while retaining the distinct 3 points of light which make you much more visible to other traffic and providing the lighting performance and quality, you have come to expect from Motolight.

Our Caliper Mount System is designed for motorcycles equiped with dual front disk brakes. Utilizing a caliper mounting bolt hole the bracket is attached with the suplied zinc plated, grade 12.9 socket head cap bolt. The replacement bolt has the additional length to accomodate our bracket and maintain full thread engagement. Bolts must be touqued to the manufactures recomended tourqe settings.

Caliper Mount in Brushed Finish $345
Caliper Mount in Black Finish $365
Caliper Mount in Polished Finish $375
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