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I just installed the AutoBoss AB-1m communication system in my Burgman 650.

It came with:
1, AB-1m Main Unit

2, Helmet Headsets with Fixed AND Boom Microphones
2, PTT Switches
2, 2-way Radio Adapter Cables. One with a single 2.5mm connector, and the other with two prongs both mono one 3.5mm and one 2.5mm. One can be used as an alternative cell-phone cable that BOTH rider and passenger can talk/listen through.
1, 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo (3-lead) extension cable
1, 3.5mm to 3.5mm mono (2-lead) extension cable
2, Hook-and-Loop Cable Ties (helps attaching cables to helmets)
2, Mounting Clips (alternate way to afix cables to helmets)
1, Standard 2.5mm headset plug for cell phones. Note: Incoming cell phone audio can only be heard by driver.

The AutoBoss AB-1m works for Bike-to-Bike and Rider-to-Passenger. Intercom with passenger is full-duplex, with L, M, and H volume levels.

It has a built-in FM tuner with RESET and STEP buttons for control. RESET starts the tuner at the bottom end, and STEP scans up for the next active channel with each press. Reception is great. It apparently uses one or more of the attached cables (probably the helmet ear/mike cable) for antenna. There is a volume dial for the FM that also serves to enable the amplifier for Phone, GPS, Radar Detector, or CD/MP3 inputs.

The radio range depends on the radio one has hooked up to the system. I haven't tried it except to verify that it worked. My wife rides with me, not on another scooter. I have an old FRS radio, but I'm considering a combined CB/FRS/GMRS unit if I can find one.

It is powered by 2, 1.5volt AA batteries. Any kind will work. I've put 2500mAh NiMH rechargeables in it which work fine. No external battery or adapter option.

It offers push-to-talk microphone for the communication radios and came with two PTT buttons that have velcro straps attached for easy mounting. This system's Audio Priority Circuit lowers the FM or any external music volume with any incoming Intercom audio or cell phone call.

"The AudioBoss Main Unit is NOT waterproof and must be mounted in a location that is relatively dry and out of the elements."
The manual suggests mounting it in a jacket pocket, tank bag, fanny pack, etc. Given that you'll need access to the device's buttons for FM channel changing, volume control, etc., I determined the main unit had to be mounted where I could reach it and control it easily with my left hand. The most practical place on my 650 was on the front edge of the seat, between my legs. This location also works well with the given lengths of cables pre-installed in the unit. There is a relatively short coiled cable for the driver headset, and a longer straight cable for the passenger headset. There is a relatively short PTT cable for the driver, and a longer one for the passenger. I'll make a plastic "slip-cover" to put over the unit if I get caught in wet weather. Otherwise the unit is mounted with velcro, and I'll simply take it off when not using it or parking the bike in public.

The "m" in the model number stands for monotone. Despite having stereo cable plugs and jacks, all left/right audio is merged and sent the same to both ears. This is a bit disappointing, but I was aware of this "feature" when I ordered the product. Sound quality is good but not great, and that's all I expected.

The included manual was very complete. Headphone and Microphone installation was well-documented. Many clear black-and-white photos help considerably.

I got this MotoComm AudioBoss AB-1m from California Sport Touring, Inc. ( ) for $148.72 + $9.68 shipping. There was an order verifcation email, and a second notification-of-shipping email. Neither included tracking numbers and I could not find tracking info on their web site, but the package did arrive within a week of their shipping date.

For the money I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Relative to the much more expensive intercom systems I'd give it a 4.

They could improve it by making it weatherproof, and allowing unused cables to be unplugged.

Dave B.
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