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Morning Dove

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I bought the new Burgman 400 in August of 03 that is why I did'nt get my foundation painted, anyway I put 3500 miles on in 2 months just riding around and such. I thought with the new bike I should finally replace my 20 something year old helmet. So I did and while I was out breaking it in, just 2 ours old, I was traveling at a leisurely pace down a nice twisty road when I noticed something fly out of the left side of the road. I just got my head turned to the right when this bird pasted me in the left side of my head, it was quite messy.... Sure glad the helmet was on! It kind of rang my bell. Anyway, I had to do some cleaning, feathers and goo. Can't wait til Spring!!!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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