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Finally received the system for the scoot. Beautifully made, approx 45 min to fit (Remove old and fit new. Easy fitment). Is it loud - Yes but not as bad as a Hog. Performance increase - Don't have access to a dyno, quoted 2 - 5 hp increase. Why bother - I like being different, as long as I like it who cares. Looks great, a lot lighter, sounds like a Brit 650 at full song. Cost in Tasmania, OZ, $1250. Was it worth it - I think so, like I said. Also have Koni shocks, Givi screen, Non-Fango top box, GPS, Bag in the Hump. (Sold our 1500 Wing and kept the scoot Aug 2002). Catch you all later. Geoff
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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