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While you boys over the pond were having the Cafe scene start up. We tried to copy what we thought was happening over there. Here in Southern California we were The Griffith Park "Backside Sliders". We raced our wanna be race bikes through "The Park or Backside" just touching 100 mph on one fast section. We had our own little Isle of Man with Griffith Park as the island in the middle of Los Angeles.
I earned my "Backside" badge many times when the bike and I parted company while dicing over position. It seems crazy now but we were young and bounced off the pavement better than we do now. I truly do miss it.

Russ (Retro Rocket)

P.S. I might have mis-stated the part about bouncing off the pavement, that's not the part I miss. It's the pretending to be Phil Read and the English-American connection. We thought the English were the true purests of the sport. Tri-tons, Nor-villes, Seeley's all very cool.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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