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Mirrors offset, Damaged or Normal

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I was ready to remove my mirrors to install behind glass signal leds and behold they look very uneven. I recently purchased my burgman and was doing some mod work and discovered some damage. The fork clamps just above the fender has two bolts on each fork, one bolt on left clamp was hanging out. While tighting the fork clamp bolts, i see the plastic covers on the forks just above the fender were scuffed and abraised heavily. Their was a broken screw hole on the windshield black trim piece and glued back on. These little issues seem to indicate this burggie may have been in a slight accident. I just took her out for a quick test ride at max speed and started to vibrate at 83mph and continue through neat top end speed. At 95mph+ i really wasnt focused on anything but the road. It was a very strong winded day, so let up after the spedo read 104mph. With that discovered vibration and the loose fork clamp bolt, ill be dropping off at the dear for full safty inspection. But this mirror offset thing is driving my crazy, i need a solution before i get taken by someone too align them, if i can straighten them myself.


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The rear view mirrors are designed to give on impact and fold all the way inward (electically on the Exec, manually on the standard 650). I have not taken the mirror assembly apart but it feels like a soft "detent" is what locks the mirror in it's usual place. It is mainly designed to be folded backwards but also has give in it to move it slightly forward as well. From the looks of things I would guess that along with your slight damage to other components the mirror detent capability has also been damaged and will perhaps need to be worked on or replaced. Those mirrors are expensive and I suspect a dealer will want to replace the whole broken one but you may be able to fix it. Do some further research in this forum for help getting the mirror off and look for any U-Tube made by several of our hugely knowledgable members. The service manual may also be available online if you look for it and you can certainly purchase one from the net. If you keep your 650 you'll save a ton by using the resources available.

You have nothing to loose by trying to fix this yourself and a pocket full of cash if you're successful. Just tell yourself, "I'm not going to let a machine get the better of me", and Good Luck !!

Ride safe,
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Thanks for the reply, I now have a better sense of how they are attached. I'll puul them off in a couple of days and report back.
I was having a hard time seeing what you described until I looked at the lower inner corners. There is a difference in clearance to the dash side to side. The mirrors attach to the main support brace as shown below. It's quite possible this is bent based on your finding other damage parts.

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Bummer, I really beliave it was atleast dropped. The front end alignement seems on par. I guess i'll strip the front end when I change the plugs and check all components. Any advice on what to check and howto for proper steering function?
Just to look for bent parts (paint flaking off) and to make sure the handlebars don't flop around. They should have a bit of resistance otherwise you might have to ajudt the steering stem nut (under the top of the triple tree).
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