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I've had my new '09 650 for a few weeks now, and would like to add a top box. I've looked at the Bestem and GIVI sites, and am leaning towards the Bestem 2012 box, in white. It's slightly smaller than the 929, but they tell me it will still take a full face helmet. But from this thread, I'm concerned about the base plate. Will the installation cause me problems? They call it a "universal" mounting plate--does that mean I'll have to mess around with it to make it work? Thanks in advance for your advice.
I believe it is "universal" for the Burgmans, meaning it fits the 400 & 650, not every bike out there.

Like the others have said, it works just fine. I too needed several washers I got from the hardware store for shimming this or that and making it level. But other than that, everything is included, save loctite. It definitely takes a full face helmet and then some.

For the price, its an excellent box with all the features you need included. The silver color is spot on with the burg. You wouldn't know it was aftermarket.
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