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I don't see where this has been covered yet. So, with only 400 miles on my scooter I have just put in my first full tank and my first average is 50 mpg. My Helix has always gotten 65 mpg.

Anyone else having better milege after breakin?

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Yeah, I get about 65+ mpg now that I'm on the 3rd tank.

The owners booklet confuses matters by saying
to never Top Off the tank and to always stop filling
after the first click.
What that gives you is varying
degrees of clickage out there in nozzle-land and
unless you really top it up to the filler hole, the gas gauge
won't go up to and beyond the Full mark.

Unless you calculate distance per quantity (mpg/kpl) from a visual reference at the filler area,
you won't be able to use a Full Tank variable
over several calculations.
That can throw it off by 5 to 10 mpg, at least.
Without a constant (full tank visible) ,
the two variables of Total Trip Distance and
Total Fuel Quantity become uselessly inaccurate.

The 650 gives the rider more reliable cues when the fuel begins to
climb its small filler tube which in turn is a smaller variable to take into account
at each filling, so the 650's reliability of each calculation is more accurate
than arbitrary click-off's at the larger filler area of the 400.

Filling the 400's tank well up into the filler area on a hot summer day may give us
fuel expansion above the bottom of the fuel cap. Be careful.
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