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My first upgrade was an XL Clearview. I did notice a slight reduction in gas mileage, but the benefits of the larger screen is worth it. Almost all wind buffeting on my helmet is gone, but the push on the back of the helmet is a little more. If most of your riding is 2 up, then is isn't a problem

At my height, 5'8", I have to look thru the the top 2 inches of the screen. I don't find it to be problem until it rains. Like it did Thursday night. The NWS said a 30% chance of rain. No problem, except that the rain chances must have tripled after I left home. 20 miles from home and it cuts loose and rains on me till I'm a half mile from home and then it quits. Go figure. I just have to raise up a bit to look over the screen.
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