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My nephew and I went up to see the races at Mid Ohio yesterday. Not much of a crowd as in previous years but the races were great. Suzuki had their latest line of new bikes on display including the 2013 Burgman's. It was the first time I got to see the Burgman 650 new design.

The bike is wider I do believe on the back side, new dash more what a bike should look like in that area, new side mirrors design, new storage under the dash looks smaller? Glove box might be a little bigger? Big just looks more bulkier not slimed down like others in its class. Only color option is black and white. Maybe they should look at yellow or lime green a color that is more noticeable in the road. Their motorcycles showcase that color. Not sure why Burgman's in the 650 series aren't more flashy?

I did notice for a motorcycle event I did see more Burgmans than ever before at Mid Ohio. Everyone I did talk to liked their bikes but many said the new style is not much and expected much more from a company who is very innovated. Heading back up to Vintage Days next Sunday riding my Burgman 650 Trike. Looking forward to it.
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