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I have been all over the internet but I haven't found any topic describing this. I have a noise that seems to coming from my clutch from about 4000 to 5000 RPM. My scooter is a Majesty 400 from late 2007 (EURO 3).

I've noticed the noise for some time but I had a leaking exhaust so it was less noticable. Now that I've fixed the leak and the exhaust is quiet, this noise is very noticable indeed.

The scooter has 74K KM / 46K Mi on it. I have just replaced the weights with Dr. Pulley 14 Grams and the ramp plate which was worn. I have cleaned and lubricated everything that should be lubricated in the CVT housing. I have not yet taken the clutch apart. The clutch has never been replaced according to the last (and original) owner and, surprisingly, looks very good. Friction material is about 4mm! Probably because the scooter has only done highway mileage (the guy lived 60KM roundtrip from his work)...

Besides the noise the scooter drives very well, it's just that I'll be driving it From Paris to Amsterdam next weekend so it would be a real shame if this turned out to be something serous... :rolleyes:

Please check out my video and met me know what you think:



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