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From: "Tony Guymer" <[email protected]> Add to Address Book
To: (weaveburg)
Subject: RE: Bergman AN650 crusie Price and availablity.
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005 22:29:03 +1000

Hi Jeff,

The Suzuki AN650 Burgman cruise kit is available.

The price is $693.03AUD plus shipping of $71.97UD. This is approx $590USD at the current exchange rate. We can fully terminate the loom so that you can just plug it in for another $30USD.

You can pay using VISA or MasterCard (not Amex or Diners). We suggest emailed credit card info is sent in two emails - one with card name and number and the second with the expiry date. We do NOT need the number on the back of the card.

Delivery typically takes about 7-10 days.

We need the following details to accept an order from you.

1. The EXACT make, model and year of the motorcycle or ATV.

2. Your name.

3. Shipping address (must be a physical address, not a P.O. Box). 4. Phone number. 5. The type of credit card - Visa or MasterCard. 6. The Name on the credit card. 7. The credit card number. And

8. In a SECOND, separate email - your name and the card expiry date.

The kit is designed to enable owner installation. You do need to be reasonably competent with a spanner, but there is nothing very difficult about the installation.

We have two brochures available on our web site about the cruise at The first describes the cruise in general terms, the second is about the installation and includes photographs of the installation.

I have attached the installation instructions for information so you can assess whether it is a job you can do yourself.

If you require a dealer to fit it - then I suggest installation should take around 2.5-4 hours depending on whether they have installed our kits before.

Best Regards,

[Tony Guymer (MotorCycle & ATV Cruise Controls)]

MotorCycle Setup Pty. Ltd.

6 Kingston Street

Mount Waverley, Victoria, Australia, 3149

Ph. +61 3 9808 2804 Fax. +61 3 9808 2445

Email: [email protected]

Web Sites: www.

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So if my math skills are serving me well, this guy wants me to send him six hundred and twenty bucks for his kit? At a nickel a herd..

Does anyone else think that's a little high, or perhaps know of an alternative? I could swear I read an article a couple of years ago about a true cruise (not a throttle lock) for metric bikes that was in the 200 dollar range and took an hour to set up. So easy, they said, that the installation was free if you stopped by their store in Cali somewhere.

As much as I'd love to "plug and chug" on this, JC Whitney has automobile retrofit kits for under 100 bucks if you swing by their store in LaSalle, IL. I just don't know if I'm willing to pay over six times that amount to get the MC Cruise.


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Hi weaveburg

You could really save yourselfa whole lot of trouble if you learned how to use the search engine on this forum.

Here are just 2 relevant threads to your post subject:

Aussie McCruise


To be honest it is a whole lotta money but then some people like to spend on their toys - whatever. :)

Most experienced hands here swear by the efficacy of the catterpillar O ring or the throttle rocker both very cheap options - not cruise control but stop the hand from getting tired equally well. I would suggest you try either or both and save yourself around $600. :wink:
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