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I had my own scooter 'shoot-out' the past month or two. I've been riding a Honda Silverwing and really liked it but since I sold my Goldwing I decided to buy a Burgman 650 since it's payload is greater than the Silverwing's was so the wife and I can ride 2up again. I pretty much rode one scooter and then the other alternating for the past month and a half and have noted the differences.
Maintenance: this one goes to the Silverwing. Simpler, more like a Burgman 400 and bulletproof.
Handling: I give the edge to the Burgman 650. The 650 has more powerful brakes and the adjustable levers make it more comfortable to use them. I can ride the curves just a little bit faster with the SW but some of that may be due to more experience with that scooter. Quicker response to the handlebars than the SW.
Power: Pretty close match here though the Burgman has a slight edge. The lighter SW weight almost makes up for the slightly smaller engine. Fuel economy pretty similar. The Burgman's rpms at 70mph are about 1000 less than the SW at the same speed.
Ride: The Burgman has a smoother ride with less engine vibration almost as good as a Goldwing. Not quite, but darn close for a scooter. Engine noise is greater on the SW.
Reliability: This is one area that I give to the Silverwing. There are many of them I know of that have gone beyond 100,000 miles without major repairs. The Burgman does worry me a bit. Mine has 13,000 miles on it. The plastic gears in the transmission don't make me feel warm and fuzzy. Also the problems some have with the transmission bearings and the difficulty to replace the CVT belt aren't encouraging.

So that's where I ended up. I reluctantly decided to sell the Silverwing in preference to the Burgman. The only reservation I have is the reliability of the Burgman. In all other ways I do like the B650 over the SW. Here's hoping...
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