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v8eyedoc said:
Old-n-slow said:
I was talking to a Kymco rep a few weeks ago and he touted the new MyRoad 700 vs the Burgman 650. So, I took a look at it on the Web and I have to say it's ugly, front and rear. Sorry, just my opinion. On a positive note the wheels are of a good size, but the trade off is that the seat height is 30.7 inches. The Kymco rep told me that the seat is narrower than the Exciting so doesn't seem that high. My problem is that I need a wide seat do to physical problems that some of you may also be familiar with. :D
Are you saying that you are a "LARD ASS"...............???????? :lol: :lol:
no , that's not it 8) , when you have large testiticulars you need a big place to put them :thumbup:
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