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manual online?

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say while i was crusing the web way back last summer i came across a manual for the 650 and it was on-line and you could down load it but in my rush i just decieded to keep the link, however and as some of you well know from your own experiences. i had computer problems and lost that link. has anyone here found that same link and can you direct me to it? it may just have been here to start with but i have spent some time looking and have not found it here.
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I would appreciate an online owners manual too since mine will be in Japanese.
That old PDF file you speak of was removed from the internet. We do however have a member that on request will sometimes put it up on his website for a brief period so folks can download it. The member is Pirmil. Maybe if you PM him you can arrange a time to dl it.
One of our members has it in a Yahoo breifcase file, Yahoo can be bunky at times but is is here, under mail attachments.[email protected]
Great link! Thanks Jim.
say i downloaded that complete file but i have a question some of the files look like duplicates? ex. appendix and appendix-1 look like there is no difference in them cam someone shed some lite on this please. i would hate to print out duplicate copies of the same chapters.
yip there are exact file duplicates in that setup (for no good reason that I can determine). I printed the whole job double sided and it is still a huge manual - the pictures came out pretty **** tho' :wink:
I've looked all over the web for an online version of the owners manual for the 650 and came up empty handed. Anyone have any ideas where I might find one?
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