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Major Motorcycling Magazine with a Maxiscooter section

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My wife and I just subscribed to a motorcycle magazine that now has a regularly occuring section specifically dealing with touring class scooters.

RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Cruising & Touring is a top notch magazine focused on the joy of riding and the excitement of traveling on two wheels. While they cover reviews of new machines they leave most of the technical talk to other publication, favoring discussions on how a motorcycle rides over the minutiae of raw torque and horsepower numbers.

It does cost a bit more than the average motorcycle magazine, but this is mainly because there is much less advertising between its covers, resulting in a cleaner, easier to read publication. Couple this with their coffee table magazine quality and the extra few dollars a year seem like money well spent.

Of greatest importance to me and perhaps other Burgman riders is that this magazine features a section on scooters! Every other issue they highlight touring class scooters focusing on reviews and tours with the machines we know and love. As a bimonthly magazine that means that three issues a year talking directly to us. The other three issues have a section dealing with classic and vintage bikes, which many will also find interesting.

Beyond the talk about tours and trips I was impressed with their inclusion of maps and guide information. You can do more than imagine how cool their trip was, they give you the tools to plan it out to ride yourself. How great is that?

You can take a look at their website to get a feel of their style for yourself (

Sorry if all this sounds like a sales pitch, but after meeting the Editor-in-Chief at the motorcycle show this past weekend and seeing his commitment to producing a great magazine and in featuring maxiscooter information, well I am just dang excited to be a subscriber.
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I've been a subcriber since last year and have enjoyed every issue. Even the ones not covering scooters are great. They have 4-6 tours in each issue with photos and other useful information. The tank maps in the back are going in a special file for later use. The Burgman can go on any of their tours.

I suggested Road Runner cover Scootercade next year and Chris Meyers of RR wanted details. I linked him to the Scootercade web site. Maybe we will see some of the BurgmanUSA members in the magazine this year.

This magazine sells out quickly on the news stands. If you want evey issue you'll have to subscribe.

If you think road runner is a bit expensive, I jsut got a quote from "twist & Go" on how much there mag would cost here in america...
get this...$94.95 !!!!

I WON"T be getting that one
I did subscribe to road runner the other day, so I'm looking forward to getting the first issue.
I've been a subscriber since last spring and it's the only magazine I subscribe to that I keep "for future reference".
I sent them a letter last summer thanking them for expanding their coverage to include scooters. I had totally forgotten about the letter until I read it in the "Readers Response" section of their latest issue. So, they do listen to us.
Yes, and they printed a number of other responses from Burgman 650 owners too. I was glad to see that!
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