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I just performed the 1800-mile maintenance on my new AN400. I didn't let the air filters dry completely before putting them back in. I didn't bother re-oiling the engine air filter because it was still very oily, even after two rinsings in solvent. I'm thinking of purchasing extra filters which I will alternate upon each 1800-mile maintenance.

Anyone know of any discount OEM parts sources? I'd like to get "genuine" Suzuki oil filters, o-rings, air filters, etc., for less than full retail price, if possible.

Phil, is that special valve adjustment wrench necessary? I saw your post about it on the Yahoo! group, and was wondering if I need it to get the job done. Also, is there a valve cover gasket or seals which need replacement upon valve adjustment?

Ride safe,

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Hey Dave,

I use Ron Ayers MC as my online discount source for genuine Suzuki parts.

The special valve adjustment tool is not a necessity, just makes valve adjustment a bit quicker. It is a stubby 'screwdriver' that fits the square end of the adjuster... a very small adjustable wrench is a good substitute.

Driver part number: 09917-14920
AN400K3 service manual: 99500-34080-03E
AN400K3 oil filter: 16510-25C00
(same as my Suzuki LT250 4-wheeler)
O-rings replaced with filter:
Large O-ring: 09280-54001
small o-ring: 09280-13004
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