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LydeckerLydeckerLydeckerLydecker...why did this name suddenly come to mind? Its happened only a few times before...when a name hammered itself into my head, a name I never heard before. usually, I would meet someone with just that name shortly thereafter. Im not psychic by any means; or shall I say that we are all a wee bit psychic.


Coffee time after work at the Organic cafe, up Rt. 97 I am over taken at high speed by a Goldwing Trike pullinga really big trailer - twice as big as standard GW gear. The guy nearly cuts me off and waves me over at a turn off:

" hello....nice scooter", he says while still on his bike. "You mind if I look at it.?" Sure I say, and we pull over.

He was an older man, beard and trimmed mustache, handlebar type, no joke. He was wearing an impeccably tailored set of touring leathers. Although his wing was of newer vintage, his road gear was worn.

" My name is Hans Lydecker, here is my card...." HANS LYDECKER - OEM CYCLE PARTS - Original Sourced.

"Uh...hello Mr. Lydecker, so this is not a pure inquiry of the nature of my spectacular Mega Scooter - although not by any means unique, still not common the Burgman" I kept looking at the immense trailer he was towing. What the hell was in that thing?

" Oh well, no, I am familiar with the Burgman....quite actually, that's why I signalled you over to the side here". The sun was setting and his eyes took on a red cast and glowed with a omen of's just the sunset.

Lydecker continued, "....I have something to show component of this is physical and the other is less corporeal....please come to the back of the trailer..." he beckoned...and I noticed hewas walking with an equisitely carved cane which had the head of a Poodle as its knob....where has I heard of this before. The hair stoof on the back of my neck.

I followed Lydecker to the back of his trailer...18 ft in length, and made of seamless stainless steel. It looked like a block of solid metal...a coffin.

" You see son, I specialize in the technical failure en' potentia...the 'pain that has not yet come '"- this ******* was quoting the Patanjali Yoga Sutra....but how could he know that anyone would understand?

He clicked a small button on his poodle cane - and the lid rose on hydraulic arms. With a smooth purring sound, the trailer opened and a previously clear evening sky began to cloud over...darkening darkening. Lydecker's face took on a demonic cast.

" Let's see what we have here son....Suzuki Burgman catalog, hmmm". and then he looked at me and back at my bike, and as if he was measuring us both for new suit, mumbled something under his breath, like, ' One two...Virgo in the third house, planets sun capricorn, Lynn hospital 1958 (my Birthday !!!), Burgman mfr. date Feb 13 2003 - 23:05.05 GMT , at LAT 33.25.21 LON 74.12.56....sagitarius in the moon, two divorces..."ahhhh ...I have it !! "...he brightened:

" you will need these in 1.65 years....1) a CVT angualr velocity sensor, a CVT filter, (He pulled out each part and a small ticker tape with parts and labor costs came out of a slot in the trailer), a rear speed sensor,oh...a FI throttlebody heater assy - I love those...hmmmm annnnd ....throttle position sensor and one PAIR unit. Would you like to pay now?

I was fearful yet stunned and impressed, "Mr. Lydecker, Im not one for being rude, but where did you 'aquire all these parts...and sir, I plan on a trouble free sojourn with my beloved Burgie."

" Where do these parts come from, my boy, why right from the source, the source, but there is one part that not one shop has, and you cant buy it, uless you forfeight your very soul."

A human hand started to emerge from the depths of the trailer....I screamed.."Lydecker...what the hell is that? what evil , sir, do you represent?'

" that son is the rarest part....a technican golem, of my creation, that can actually diagnose and repair the Burgman. And I am an official Suzuki Zone representitive for the Eastern Seaboard".

I was so frightened and fascinated that I failed to see Lydecker saddle up and start his he pulled out onto the road, the sky cleared and all that wwas left was a bad feeling and the smell of sulphur.


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If Mr Hans Lydecker has a XL Clearview for the AN400, I'd consider trading my soul. :lol:
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