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I have been investigating this.

Firstly you need to remove the tupperware, when you look at the rear of the bike you will see the fitments for a rack - they are really obvious. If you then look at the corresponding tupperware you will see they are premarked for drilling - so no problems there. If you have not taken the tupperware off before I would allow a total time of 2 hours, remove, drill, replace.

Givi also produce a rack which in UK is much cheaper than the Suzuki one. Of course you should investigate this for yourself. Here is an extract of the reply I received form Givi:

The part number for the rack is the Sr112 which retails at £49.50 plus vat. This limits you to the Monokey range of boxes we do. However, if you just want a small box with only a 3kg weight limit then the rack for that is the Sr113m which retails at £24.95 plus vat - you would then use the adaptor plate which we supply in the smaller boxes. Your dealer can sort this out for you.

Hope this is helpful to you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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