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Just to give you a rough idea, I did a MapQuest route from Louisville to Charleston. In order to get the "avoid highways" option, the trip had to be broken down into "legs" - if the trip is over a certain number of miles, it forces a highway option. We did this on our trip to NC through TN from Lexington and also on our trip to W. Va. It worked pretty well. At least it will give you a rough idea of a possible route.


From Louisville:

US 31E → US 150

US 150 → US 27S (crossing into TN)

US 27S → US 441 (from Knoxville to Columbia, SC)

US 441S → US 23S

US 23S → US 76 (crossing into SC)

US 76/US 123 N → SC 28 Bypass

SC 28 → SC 72

SC 72 → US 25

US 25 → US 178/ 378E

US 21S → US 176E (from Columbia to Charleston)

US 176E → US 601

US 601 → US 21S

US 21S → US 78E

US 78E → US 52E
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