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Lost may spare keys...!

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To all Burgman Lovers:
Does any body know the best way to find the replacement spare key? After my last trip to Canada I miss placed it and I can not Find it :oops: :(
Making the key is not hard but the end magnet of the key is what is hard to replace. can any one give me a good suggestion where is the best place to get the replacement and the cost$ perhaps
God bless all of you :cheers:
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I just find this replacement on eBay
Item number:
it is coming from China. I can not exactly understand the description :roll: can you please check?!!!
Thank you
Garnet said:
thomasg said:
To all Burgman Lovers:
Does any body know the best way to find the replacement spare key? After my last trip to Canada I miss placed it and I can not Find it :oops: :(

I followed this advice, got two keys w/magnets for my 650, and had the locksmith cut both keys. Both work, so now I have three keys that will open the shutter, in case someone tries with a screwdriver and succeeds, or if I lose one.

This is an old post below...
and it worked great for me.
Just be sure to order the right blank, the one for the 400...if I remember right, it was a bit tricky knowing which one was for which bike at the site where I ordered them.

Re: Spare Key K8 AN400

Postby RobG2012 » Mon Apr 30, 2012 5:21 05
Just wanted to let everyone know that if you want to make a copy of your key, complete with the magnetic code for the shutter, there is a way to do it.

You must first buy a key blank (I would recommend getting 2) that includes the magnetic head. These can be purchased either on e-bay or direct from

These key blanks come with the magnets needed to code the shutter key.
For instructions on how to code the magnets, go to: ... cover-key/

and down load the instructions. They are setup as a picture that you can save. Once you have the key blanks, decoding the magnetic head becomes pretty easy.
The lower part of the key can be created at any hardware store that does keys. These key blanks are extra long so that pushing they into the lock to open the seat does not require any modification of the key. They actually look nicer that the keys that came with my 400 and they work with both the 400 and the 650.

I created a copy key that I use all the time. The two original keys are home, safe with my other documents that belong with my scooter.
Thank you indeed for a well rounded feedback. However on the instruction of coding the key magnet, will you please provide a direct link to the pdf file or the instruction posted? the link that you provided is the general link and I was not able to dig out the info...
Again thank you for a real conclusive feedback and your additional help is highly appreciated.
model28a said:
I will show you how I found it for you.(or you can just go to the last link if you do not want to learn how to find it for yourself)
First I went to forums here,
Then I went to Burgman DIY Service Advice and Questions ... -Questions
Then I found this on page eight I found, Key, Ignition Shutter (USA)
Key, Ignition Shutter (USA)
Then on page three of Key, Ignition Shutter (USA) here,

Then in the fourth post I found this address which is the picture you want.
I hope this helps. :thumbup:
Thank you again for a quick and conclusive respond. I am very grateful to you :cheers:
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