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Lost may spare keys...!

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To all Burgman Lovers:
Does any body know the best way to find the replacement spare key? After my last trip to Canada I miss placed it and I can not Find it :oops: :(
Making the key is not hard but the end magnet of the key is what is hard to replace. can any one give me a good suggestion where is the best place to get the replacement and the cost$ perhaps
God bless all of you :cheers:
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Yogurt49 said:
The company reviews are good, from people who bought the burgman key. I would think it wouldn't be too hard to match up the magnets. If they repel, install like that. If they attract, turn it around.
haven't been there , but are the reviews on the same company's web site? or have they been independently verified , ie not marketing ploy by company ever since my ex gf told me I was her first and I found out she had 2 kids in school at the time I tend to want independent verification , but heck she was 36 at the time, not impossible to believe, right :oops:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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