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looking for input please

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I am considering bundling/combining my home/auto.motorcycle insurances and would appreciate input from those who have done this.

I have been a customer for auto and motorcycle insurance with Progressive for a long time, but have my home owners ins with Nationwide.

My homeowners insurance ( Nationwide) is being increased this year by a fair amount and my agent tells me i can save about $200.00 on the H/O policy if i switch/bundle my auto & motorcycle policies to them along with the homeowners policy.

Being a fairly competent consumer i called Progressive to shop the rates. They tell me a number $$ that is within a few $$ of the rate Nationwide is asking.

I had them both quote on the exact same coverage for all policies.

Sooo ????
Who has experience with this thing and what did you choose to do ???
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I would rather change my homeowners insurance than my auto insurance if the prices are similar. If you have a claim or accident with your auto, a new policy is more likely to be cancelled or adjusted upward than a long term policyholder. The same can happen with homeowners insurance but the odds of having a claim or problem is much less. There is also things such as first accident forgiveness and other perks you may have with long term auto insurance.

Rate changes of insurance companies from year to year may change who is cheaper in a particular year because rate changes are not on the same schedule for insurance companies.
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