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Looking at a new 2011 400

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Not new to scooters. Had a Burgy 650 about 7 years ago. I now have a Yamaha Zuma 125, which is a real hoot to drive, however I'm looking for something with more power. I can trade in my Zuma for a new 2011 400ABS for an out the door price of $4551 which I think is fair.
I remember the 650 which I thought had a surprising amount of power. ( used to smoke Harleys with it)
Not looking for a hot rod but more a scoot that has a history of reliability and can do interstate speeds without much trouble.
Any input on these two questions would be appreciated. Thanks
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Hello from Maine. I just traded in my 650 Burgman for a 400. The 650 is a real rocket and a great cruiser. However ,now that i'm getting older ,dropped some weight as per my doctors order, I find the 650 was getting a little heavy and very difficult to push around when it's not running. Now my wife has had her 400 for a while and I found that when she was at work ,I would use her bike. So, I did it . I traded for another 400. The 400 still has plenty of power and will go as fast as you want to go. The wind on the hiway at 75 mph will push you a bit but not enough to worry about if you have been riding a while. I'm looking forward to my annual trip out to West Point NY in June and thats about 8 hours with 90% on the hiway. I have no doubt it will do just find. There are several 400 riders on the site that can give you more insite than me. Ernie
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