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Looking at a new 2011 400

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Not new to scooters. Had a Burgy 650 about 7 years ago. I now have a Yamaha Zuma 125, which is a real hoot to drive, however I'm looking for something with more power. I can trade in my Zuma for a new 2011 400ABS for an out the door price of $4551 which I think is fair.
I remember the 650 which I thought had a surprising amount of power. ( used to smoke Harleys with it)
Not looking for a hot rod but more a scoot that has a history of reliability and can do interstate speeds without much trouble.
Any input on these two questions would be appreciated. Thanks
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It is not 4.5 OTD for the 2011 400, it is 4.5 plus his Zuma. No telling how much his Zuma is worth.

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