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Today, I had a "tough decision". either prepare my sailboat to be launched or ride my Burgman. My two buddies and I took off for a ride through central Ohio.

Bob was on his new BMW GS1200 and John was on his Bandit 600S.

I was all set. Dressed warm with multi layers so I could peel them off as the temp went up. The utopia back rest is a great improvement once the butt pad is trimmed. The GIVI screen worked well. After riding for almost 300 miles, I felt fresh, not sore and decided that I didn't miss my Venture at all. The urgman handles well and when that engine is spinning it is a blast to ride in the twisties.

Now for the second part of the title. Today, I wore earplugs. What a difference. No wind noise and an increase in comfort. They should be worn all of the time that one is riding beyond city commuting and whwn one "needs" to listen to tunes.
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