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Got a call this morning from one of the Council Bluffs Scooter riders asking if I wanted to go to a Loess Hills motorcycle rally. I of course said yes.

As a motorcycle rally it was a little disappointing. Mostly a Harley crowd, and Sunday attendance was light. Perhaps they did better on Friday & Saturday. But there was some fun stuff going on regardless.

A local Triumph dealer was there with a dozen or more bikes doing demo rides. Those 2300cc Rocket IIIs were massive! I was more attracted to the T100 Roadster though, which is more of a retro model. But we got caught up in a couple of other events and never signed up for a ride.

We spent a lot of time watching the ATV drag races. A very serious competition with four or five performance classes, including open 2-stroke. Lots of noise and dirt flying - some remarkably fast machines and some pretty close races.

There was also a 2 time world champion trials rider from Findland there putting on shows of trials riding. We watched one of the shows. It was an awesome performance! The guy had a helmet mike and told us a lot about the way the bike was set up, what was involved with doing some of the stunts, etc.. He was a good entertainer as well as a very skilled rider.

We did miss one event that they held on Saturday night. From what I heard, after 9 pm they enforced adults only in attendance. And they had a bull riding competition. A... um... topless event. :twisted:

Had a good barbeque lunch.

Lots of fresh air, sun, wind - and good ol' Iowa dirt. It was fun. I'll clean up my riding boots tomorrow... :wink:
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