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:idea: Just a thought:
I wonder if it would be possible in the site software to split the location entry box in our profiles into 4 boxes: 1) City 2) County 3) State and 4) Country. Why? For the greatly enhanced search capability that would give us....
>> Although I know we can sort by location in the long memberlist, the ability to list by city or county alone would give us a quick way of finding our fellow local Burgman owners (especially those who may not be active on the site) to, for example, organize a ride, ask a question, etc.
>> The ability to search and sort by county and state would be beneficial if we were going to go touring....we could find other members in the state/county where we were headed and perhaps find the most scenic backroads on which to travel....
>> I also think it would be fascinating to sort by country alone, to find out how many members are in England, Japan, Australia, etc.........
Just a thought.
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