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hi, i'm Wiley(that's my name). i'm 65 and i started riding scooters in 2011. the only 2 wheeler i ever rode before that was my Rudge (anyone remember that one)? in 2011 i got a brand new red, honda elite.... i had arrived! this past april, i traded in the honda and got a 2012 burgman 400...i love it! last week i sat on a 650 and the seat was too high for me, so me and my 400 will live happily ever after in Riverhead,L.I.,New York, good ole USA.nobody got it better than me.

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Welcome Wiley..
ain't nothin' wrong with the 60's....
I'm in there with ya... & the 60's channel
is what I listen to on XM radio....even
on my scooter...cruisin' to the oldies.
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