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Today I put one of these

Uploaded with

On one of these

Uploaded with

I bought both of these a couple of years ago and for some reason never took the time to put them together .
I guess until now I haven’t been desperate enough to drag it all out . With my new to me 650 Burg needing a going over
I decided to put it all together . Just about every one knows about the Harbor Freight lift , good for home use but
not really for a commercial shop . A word to the wise on the Harbor Freight lift , when I read the reviews a lot of
the reviewers mentioned that H.F. shipped these out a little light on the hydraulic oil . When I checked mine it was
also low , so I filled it with a little $2 bottle from Wal-Mart .

Now for the Condor Chock which is a VERY heavy duty piece of hardware , I bought mine on EBay a couple of years ago ?
Paid like $129 for it , they are now in the $150 range and still worth every penny IMO . Bottom line the Harbor Freight lift
does the job , the Condor chock 5 stars in my book . If a person kept a coat of paint on the Condor it would still be around
a few hundred years from now .

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