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Last week-end I was warned (by a traffice cop) that the clear plastic cover
on my plate was illegal in Ontario.....

It was light blue - I told the officer I would replace it with a clear cover
and he told me all plastic covers are illegal and that even a frame that
might cover any part of the plate numbers or letters was illegal....

He followed me for about 3 km and pulled up beside me at a light and
asked me if I had $110.00 to spend....
He said that dirt can build up between the plate and the inside of the plate
cover and disguise numbers and letters and make them difficult to read

Needless to say the plastic cover came off as soon as I got home.....
I had to remove it - my plate # and the info is now in their data bank.....
They are always checking plates on their computers when stopped at
lights and in parking lots........SO

I'd rather spend the $110 on gas, etc...

I doubt they would stop you for the cover but if you ran a light (which
nobody ever does) or happen to get caught speeding (which nobody ever
does) the police officer might just nail you for two or three infractions
and you could say good-bye to several hundred dollars and maybe some
points against your permit.

A couple of my neighbours have plate covers that came off that day
when I told them about my encounter.....

Check the legalities in your area but in ONTARIO CANADA, this is the law.

By the way, I returned the cover to Canadian Tire and after some
discussion, they gave me a refund of $9.00.....I thought that was rather
decent of CT because I had purchased the cover about 9 months before.


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Same thing happened to me when I had a plastic plate cover on my car. Apparently it's illegal in Kansas, too. Not illegal to sell them, though.

Kind of ironic, though. The intent is so nothing keeps an officer from reading your plate number. When I lived on a gravel road, the dust rooster tail that would follow me down the road would leave a coating on any rear plate. Add a little rain and it would become caked-on mud. The rocky kickup usually bent/broke/wore out the plate on my truck within a year. I'd take it in each year to renew and they'd give me a new one.

The plastic cover I had on had a rubber seal around the edge, and when sprayed with an anti-static pastic cleaner I have would stay cleaner than the plate itself.

I'd prefer they warn you for an obscured plate. When the officer stopped me, I asked him if he'd had trouble reading it. He said no, but gave the same argument Bump heard. So the warning was for "potential of plate obscuration". Apparently a plate worn off from gravel road rock blasting is OK, though. Never did get stopped for that. Plate TRIM/Holders are apparently not specifically outlawed, since the dealers will stick one on your car unless you stop them.
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