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Hi Everyone. I received this e-mail today from Suzuki Canada. Below it is my reply. Thought I would share it with my Burger Buddies. 8)

Hello Mr. Page,

My name is Kenji Hirozawa of Suzuki Canada, Sales Department.
Last year you inquired about ABS version of our scooter Burgman 650,
and now this year the ABS version is available in late April or early May.

Also as per your suggestion, we are now carrying an advertisement of
this model on Air Canada Magazine.

Thank you very much for your suggestion.


Kenji Hirozawa
Suzuki Canada



Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for bringing the Burgman AN-650A Executive into Canada. I
proudly belong to the forum. A wonderful place where I
first learned about this outstanding motorcycle last summer. Since several
of us found out from our dealers two weeks ago, that a few AN-650A's were on
order, there has been much interest expressed on the forum, both Canadian &
American, as to how many are being imported in, when they will arrive & if
this just a trial sales test. Everyone is waiting with great anticipation
for the first forum members to give a test evaluation. Also, everyone wants
to know how the OverDrive works (any clues?).

However, as for me, when Suzuki Canada told me last Fall that they would not
be bringing the Executive model into Canada (all my hopes were dashed), I
reluctantly started searching for a used Burgman 650 (hoping that one day
the Executive would be imported into Canada). With the help of a couple of
my BurgmanUSA forum members on Vancouver Island, I finally found a pre-owned
2003 AN-650 (with only 3,000 km.) that looked like it just came off the
showroom floor (never had been in the rain). The previous owner really
looked after it, and I am now continuing to do the same. I love my 650!
It's the best motorcycle I have ridden in 38 years of riding motorcycles (my
first love was a Suzuki 80 on which I got my motorcycle license in the
middle of freezing Prairie blizzard).

For the last two weeks I have been toying with trading my bike in for the
Executive model because I really want the ABS brakes, but I would lose too
much money after only 4 months of ownership. So, I guess I will have to
wait until next Spring and hope that Suzuki will continue to bring the
Executives into Canada in 2006. If I had known in the Fall, I would have
waited. But I have no regrets because I've had four wonderful months of
riding this winter (Victoria has had an awesome winter this year - it's like
Spring here now).

I am sure the Executive will sell well in Canada if it's advertised
properly. It is a bit of a mystery to me why Suzuki Canada doesn't really
market the Burgman 400 & 650's, especially here on the West Coast where we
can ride all year long. Everywhere I go, I have lots of people coming up to
me and asking me about my bike. Even Harley & Gold Wing owners are impressed
with it. I get compliments everyday. It's definitely a people magnet!

Some on the forum think that Suzuki doesn't think that there is much of
market here in North America for scooters, which is why they don't properly
market them. But the Burgman's are much more than just scooters. The
Burgman 650 is part scooter, part sport bike, part touring bike & a whole
lot of fun. If the members of BurgmanUSA are any indication, it seems that
a lot of Burgman owners have owned many bikes over a long period, are now
middle-aged or older, and looking for a more practical bike that meets their
daily needs, yet can still travel long distances in comfort. The Burgman
more than meets those needs! It's also the perfect bike for those beginners
who are just learning to ride, as attested to by many of our new members.

I think that Suzuki has an amazing opportunity to be maxi-scooter leader in
Canada (& the United States). It certainly has the best product, and with
the arrival of the Executive, it just got better. It's time to think
outside the box. Go to the BurgmanUSA site, and with a little bit of
searching, you'll find all the marketing information you need. You won't
even have to waste money with a research company. The info is already there
waiting for you (and it's free).

Now a request. Please, when Suzuki attends the various Motorcycle Shows
across the country, it would be nice if they had knowledgeable
representatives in attendance that know the facts and specifications on the
new Burgmans. It seems to be a common complaint that the Suzuki people are
fairly ignorant of that particular product line ( just thought you might like to
know - for the future).

Mr. Hirozawa, please thank the people at Suzuki Canada who are responsible
for the decision to bring the AN-650A into Canada. We Burgman owners really
appreciate that our voices are being heard, & will continue to be heard, at
Suzuki Canada. It's our sincere desire that everyone in Canada have an
opportunity to enjoy a Burgman. Thank you & have a great year!

Reginald Page

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Great letter! I hope they pay it heed.

I'm really hoping that the Executive is available on my side of the border in 2006!

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Very well said Reg. Now let's see if they listen...
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