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Scootermikie said:
Well, I'm glad you guys found a use for Pledge. As a piano technician, I always steer customers away from pledge because of it's "build-up" characteristics. After a few years of using pledge on the wood cabinet of pianos, it builds up and starts smearing instead of rubbing into the wood finish. Months later the Pledge finish would still be oily and would smear when touching the piano.

I have a can of pledge that has been in my closet for years. Now I finally have a use for it :)
Interesting you mention this, Scootermikie... if you do a search on here, you'll see that the 'original' BUSA guys who swore by Lemon Pledge eventually stopped using it for the same reason... oily buildup that would give oily rainbow swirls in the sun, etc.
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