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LED Light Bar Search

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I am searching for an LED, Flexible, Adheasive Back Light Bar to attach to the Lower Section On My CooCase ,for added visability. I want one that has a Running Mode, Flashing Mode for several seconds as the brake is applied, then the brighter Stop Light Mode. I have seen them at several shows,but cannot locate them on any of my seaarches. I have only found one,from Custom Dynamics, hoever it is only 5" Long. I prefer one between 8" and 14"Lg. and3/4" wide Max.
If anyone can direct me to where I might find this item. I would be Grateful.
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Couple of other options , never used them but seem to have lots of mounting options including a side case kit and

I have the hyper lites on my FJR, they also conform to California law for the decaying flash, couldn't quite work out if knight riders do.
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